Before and After Gallery of some of the unique projects we have completed.

This rare Cambridge Milk Glass Swan 13" Punchbowl was damaged during a move. The finished repairs are nearly invisible.
A pair of porcelain Samurai figurines that just needed a good cleaning.
Lladro Don Quixote figurine.
French porcelain figurine with a very unusual break. Section was missing.
Lifecast Bust of three children that was damaged during a party.
Wonderful Pre-Columbian statue that was broken into several large pieces. One section in the cheek area was missing.
Tiffany Gold favrile floriform vase broken at the base of the stem.
Glass Milli Fiori Lamp that was broken into many pieces.
Wonderful St Therese statue that had lots of wear and was missing Jesus and the cross. 
Very nice blue and white jasperware bisque plaque from a c1900's French vitrine.
This is a large Lladro horses figurine titled "Born Free". This was the second "Born Free" figurine we have repaired.
Blue and White Delft vase that had been broken into many large and small pieces.
This is a custom made glass bar that was damaged when strong winds blew a chair into it.
Crystal Bobeche repair.
Swarovski Crystal Eagle
Movie prop souvenir from the movie "Troy".
2500 Year Old Greek Etruscan Pitcher
Mayan Vase
A collection of effigies that fell off of a shelf. 
Marble Sculpture
Alabaster Urn with new damage and old repairs.
Replica of the Statue of David.
Named "Guide to the Spirit World", this statue and base had small scratches and chips that were repaired, as well as a broken support rod. 
This wonderful marble statue was damaged while being moved. The weight of the statue was too much for the hydraulic lift being used, and several…
This statue is a guardian angel in a cemetery. Vandals damaged the piece, and we cleaned and restored the angel.
A very nice and colorful Handel Shade, broken while moving. One section was smashed into pieces so tiny they were unusable, so that section was…
Very nice Faience lavabo with wash basin. Had previously been repaired with staples, a technique that hasn't been used in well over 100 years.
Small Pre-Columbian Vase that was smashed during the filming of a popular TV show. 
A cut crystal vase that had a large section that was completely missing. A new section was fabricated and fused.
Marble Statue "The Four Seasons".