Thanks again for all your hard work on my Handel Shade. I can't believe you were able to match the glass and make it look as if it had never been broken, let alone in so many pieces. You truly did an amazing job and I really appreciate all your…
  • Angie Odom
  • June 2015
I have had the pleasure of working with Suzy Madden on a number of restoration projects over the last few years. I am continually surprised at the positive results, and in recommending her to others, have heard back this same praise. Suzy is my first choice in the restoration of…
Their attention to detail and the quality of their work is unsurpassed. No detail is left undone. Over 25 years in the business, it shows from the customer service they give and the advice and knowledge they share.
  • Monk White
  • Assurance Land and Minerals
  • June 2015
Suzy - Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all the hard work you put in my mom's statue. It was one of her favorite things and I'm so glad that you were not only able to restore her - but she looks better than before. I know…
  • Candace
  • March 2013
You made my Christmas!! I cannot thank you enough for the job you did. I am truly amazed!!! I recently brought my mother’s nativity to Broken Arts Restoration. I can remember this nativity as far back as I remember Christmas. It was dropped years before I was born and several…
  • James Cannata
  • Information Services and Technologies
  • December 2012
Suzy, I continue to be very pleased and a bit amazed at how my alabaster eagle sculpture looks without any trace of the scar it received when a workman scratched it against it's pedestal edge 7 years ago. Although I know exactly where to look, and have had my eye…
  • Dick Shlakman
  • March 2011
Just wanted to Thank You so much for the work done on the antique bowl. It looks wonderful and you would never know it was ever broke. Thank You
  • Leigh Bradley
  • February 2011
I was thrilled to see how well the restoration was done. I will certainly recommend Suzy Madden to anyone who needs marble repaired.
  • Marigold A. Lamb ISA CAPP
  • Lamb Appraisals
  • December 2009
The package arrived today, and I'm very pleased with the result! The pin is stronger than ever, and the cords you attached look quite believably vintage. Thank you for your excellent work. Now you can add Bakelite jewelry to your roster of repair experience! I'll be happy to send referrals…
  • Mrs. Schwartz
  • January 2009
He (glass dragon figurine) is beautiful. We put him in the curio cabinet. I definitely am keeping your information.
  • Mary Lee
  • June 2008
Suzy, my son Jason came home over the weekend, and saw the vase you repaired. It was originally a gift from him to his mother for mother's day, but she never saw it since his roommate broke it. He was THRILLED to see it. He just keeps staring at it…
  • Rob Mehl
  • February 2004
Thank you so much for the excellent quality and detail used to restore my dutch vase. I cannot tell you how much the repairs mean to me, and how happy I am with it. Thank you.
  • Troy DeRobertis
  • September 2003
Broken Arts Restoration is the finest arts restoration firm I have ever had the pleasure working with.
  • Don Cowan
  • June 2002
Suzy, she looks beautiful! You did a fabulous job, thank you so much! She arrived safe and sound, now all we need to do is find a special place for her either in my house or my son’s. Thanks again.
  • Internet Customer
  • June 2002
I just wanted to let you know that I received the perfume bottles today. They look great! As I mentioned before, they belonged to my grandmother who recently passed away. When we were cleaning out her dresser my mom and I found them broken. I quietly tucked them away to…
  • Amy
  • January 2001
I am so amazed at your work! I got the two (Fiesta) lids back today and they are just incredible. I don’t know how on earth you got them back to their original look. The colors are matched up perfectly as well...My onion soup bowl is now complete. Thank you…
  • Tom Hayes
  • November 2000
She has arrived!! she is beautiful. You did a marvelous job. I would never know that she had been repaired. Thank you so much. I can’t get over what a great job you did. I hope I never have to have anything repaired again but if I do I will…
  • Pat Zollo
  • October 2000
...today the urns arrived and I am thrilled. You did an incredible job. I am more than impressed at your skills. How you managed to get that yellow out from the 100 or so year old repair, I can’t imagine. Two young men were here to ooh and aah with…
  • Eve
  • March 2000
Thank you so much for the work you did in restoring/repairing the stopper to our beautiful silver onlay bottle. Your workmanship is excellent. We can hardly see where you made the repair. The bottle again is a joy. Thank you.
  • Barbara and Allan
  • January 2000
Thank You, Thank You. Thank You. The repaired bowl arrived this morning. We are very pleased. The dog house days are over. Many Thanks.
  • Joe
  • December 1999
Just wanted to let you know that the candlestick arrived about 10 minutes ago...You did a great--and I mean great--job. I have both candlesticks out and I am going to see if my husband can tell which one you repaired. I will be taking it to a big show in…
  • Linda B
  • May 1999
Being in the lamp repair and restoration business, we didn’t think there was much of a way to restore the old glass lampshades that would sometimes come into our shop--Until Suzy from Broken Arts showed us it could be done. Since 1994 Broken Arts has been a real asset to…
I have Broken Arts work exclusively on my antiques. Occasionally, accidents happen. So I rely on their help and expertise to get the job done...(correctly). They do fine work, and their rates are reasonable. It really helps to make a bad situation...better!
  • Peter Strickland
  • The Eagle Antiques
  • June 1998