Dick Shlakman

Suzy, I continue to be very pleased and a bit amazed at how my alabaster eagle sculpture looks without any trace of the scar it received when a workman scratched it against it's pedestal edge 7 years ago. Although I know exactly where to look, and have had my eye drawn to the scratch for years, not a trace remains to disfigure the face of the eagle. It is as perfect and lustrous as the day it was purchased over 15 years ago. I am kicking myself for having waited so long to find you and have it restored. As I said I would, I have added the name of your company, with a strong endorsement, to the list of recommended repair and artisan firms maintained on our community website. Thank you for an outstanding job at a very fair price. Regards, Dick Shlakman

Additional Info

  • Author: Dick Shlakman
  • Date2: March 2011